Doerte Weber
Doerte Weber


Doerte Weber

Texas Brushcountry
plain weave with sticks in cotton warp and hand dyed, hand spun tencel, adorned with beads
42 in x 53 in x 1 in
In weaving Texas Brush country I noticed how I have come to internalize the landscapes which surround me.
If I would have been a painter in the middle ages I would have taken my easel outside and painted what I saw.
As a structural weaver I transfer the landscape in an abstract version into my weft.

Leaving Home
handdyed warp, handwoven and stitched fiber pieces
Triptych each panel 24 in x 72 in
Through my artwork, I aimed to capture the complex narrative of migrants waiting at the southern border.
The inclusion of a chain-link fence symbolizes the separation from their once vibrant surroundings,
highlighting the sacrifices made in pursuit of a safer life for their families.
This piece serves as a visual commentary on the challenges faced by those seeking refuge and the resilient spirit
that propels them towards a better future.


Tattered Times
woven with newspaper plastic bags and wool remnants, then felted
43 in x 35 in
My artwork, "Tattered Time," is a nostalgic exploration woven with newspaper plastic bags, and wool remnants.
It serves as a poignant reminder of an old, neglected barn I encountered in East Texas during 2017.
Over a span of six months, I observed the gradual decay and weathering of this structure,
capturing the essence of time's impact on the once-sturdy edifice.
The choice of materials, each with its own history and resilience, mirrors the barn's journey and
the enduring stories embedded within its tattered facade. "Tattered Time" is a visual ode to the passage of time,
celebrating the beauty found in the weathered remnants of the past.


woven with newspaper plastic bags and wool remnants, then felted
26 in x 64 in
Weaving with a combination of newspaper plastic bags, and wool remnants, followed by the felting process,
results in a fascinating and eco-friendly art form. This sustainable approach not only repurposes materials that
would otherwise be discarded but also creates a textured and visually engaging piece.


cotton warp, cotton ribbon, novelty yarn, bamboo wood, metal heddles
29 in x 48 in x 0.5 in
My artwork is a reflection of the inspiration drawn from my visit to China.
The incorporation of bamboo and silk ribbon pays homage to the traditional craftsmanship and natural beauty that define the country.
The juxtaposition of skyscraper imagery represents the dynamic urban landscape, symbolizing China's rapid modernization.
Metal heddles, integral to the weaving process, symbolize the intricate interplay between tradition and progress.
This piece serves as a visual narrative, capturing the harmonious coexistence of ancient culture and contemporary
innovation in the vibrant tapestry of China's diverse identity.


Cotton warp, plastic, caution tape as weft
63 x 33 x 1in
In weaving with caution tape, I transformed a mundane safety material into a unique and thought-provoking art piece.


Shattered Glass
structured weaving, hand manipulated with translucent plastic bags an cotton yarn
72 x 36 in
The Josef Albers Windows at the Grassi Museum Leipzig were the inspiration for this piece.
The original windows were destroyed during the Second World War.
In 2008, the original glass company recreated the windows according to the blueprints from 1925.


Polar Regions
fiber art weaving with various fibers
31 x 84 inches
The white ice reflects some of the sun's rays back into space, helping to keep the earth at an even temperature.
Sea ice also helps to regulate the movements of warm and cold water around the oceans.